What if horses and humans weren’t so different after all!

What are you saying Elle? Horses are covered in fur and have four legs, you’re going CRAZY? No, I’m talking about feet and wearing shoes. Have you heard of barefoot running or minimalist shoes? The book ‘Born to Run’? These are also topics of interest in the horse world too. Horses were one of the reason that inspired my change of working. I know, crazy hey! I get that response all the time. So you want to know more…

The Journey

Horses have been part of my life from a very early age. Like everyone else we had the farrier come out every 6 weeks to put a new set of shoes on all four feet. This was the norm. What everyone did. Part of the process of being able to ride the horse, compete cross country (jumping solid fences over a distance) and ride on the road. Or so I thought. It wasn’t until my old pony became very lame (sore in her feet) that my knowledge started to expand and I started to question the reason WHY. WHY do we put shoes on horses? After all they weren’t born with them on. WHY do we put a solid object on a naturally expanding and contracting parts of the horse? When you stop and think about this, it does sound like madness.

Well what an adventure this became as I learnt that there were three key areas of influence when taking a horse barefoot: the diet it has access to, the amount of movement on comfortable surfaces and the trim. The trim really being the icing on the cake. Are you starting to see some similarities with humans yet? NO? What does the doctor say when you get a bad back? it’s no longer bed rest … it’s keep moving. If you are not feeling so great, what do you think? You think … what have I eaten. Diet and movement are MASSIVE influencers on the health of humans and horse!

I went on to complete my training to look after my own horse which organically grew into a second business of helping other people’s horse people transition to barefoot.

How does this all link together?

The power of movement was the big one for me! I started thinking how could movement impact the way I see my human clients? After all we are moving around all the time, some more than others, but it is the thing we all consistently do. So WHY was I seeing clients solely lying on a couch? I also noticed how exercise and diet made the biggest changes to the horses. These were the things that were happening after I had left the yard. This made me question me being a ‘Fixer’ as opposed to being an ‘Empoweree’. I knew if I could give the tools to someone to make the changes whilst I wasn’t around progress would happen much faster.

This is how I work now

We get you up and moving but, we get you moving well. We spend time on your past injury history. All your past injuries have a compound effect as to what the problem you walk into my treatment space with. We map your body joint by joint to find out what you set up is. We then film you walking to analyse your gait. What parts of your body are working too hard and what parts are not working hard enough. All this information allows us to create a bespoke method to how we work to get you moving beyond pain.

We answer the questions: WHY you might be in pain, WHERE it might have come from and HOW to move beyond it.  

My aim

is to empower you so you do not need to rely on seeing me for evermore. We address the root cause NOT just the symptom. We would love to hear from you if you would like to know more and learn to MOVE WELL.

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