In part one we talked about the connection between your diaphragm and pelvic floor and how they should work as a pump system to create a stable and mobile middle – your bodies foundations. We then looked into what happens if you hold your stomach in. You stop this system working and other areas of your body have to compensate and do all the work. This can lead to pain in neck, shoulders, hips, lower back, digestive problems, constipation, bladder leakages. All sorts of problems you might not initially have thought as being related, that is until you look a little deeper and start asking HOW and WHY have these problems come about.

They are all linked to holding in the belly and breathing from your chest.   Listen to my podcast on ‘Holding in your belly’ – this was one of my favourite radio shows where we talked about the WHY’s HOW’s and WHAT IF’s of holding your belly in. How linking our brain and body we can stop holding our stomachs in. For a lot there is an emotional belief to not looking fat that keeps this holding in habit going. Letting go can be easier said than done. We look again at why you can get pain from holding your stomach in when ironically we often believe we are helping by making ourselves stronger.

Head over to my Facebook page where you can find 5 short videos taking you through the exercises on how to change your posture to create the correct set up to allow you to start breathing from your middle – building up your foundations again.

I’m all give give give. These are tools that I work through with 99% of my clients. They are absolute gold dust. It takes practise but all good things do. By mastering this you will massively gain back a super power which lets face it is not to be sniffed at!

I hope you enjoy, until next time


KNOWLEDGE is POWER when ACTION is taken!



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