Gut instinct … do you listen to it? Do you even know what a gut instinct is? It’s that little voice inside you that’s often quiet at first that tries to help you. Often we block the voice of our gut and listen only to the over powering brain.

The brain I often finds spends its time screaming at you, leaving you no choice but to listen. For me I ignored my gut instinct for years and things were ok and by that I do mean they were just ‘ok’. When I started taking the leap of faith and listening to my gut, things started to massively change for the better.  A role reversal happened – the over powering brain voice started to get quieter and the gut became the voice of choice!

I have to say a massive well done to all those that go with the gut. It’s often not the easiest decision to make but very often pays off if you do listen. Which leads us nicely into the story…..

Let me introduce you to my youngest client Ava and her mum Jenny.  A huge well done to Jenny for absolutely listened to her gut.   She knew that something was not quite right with her child’s movement, but couldn’t quite put her finger on it?

Ava was her second child, it was a natural delivery so you would think all would be ok……. But from the day she was born, mum was convinced some thing was not right with her physically.   After several visits to the doctors both NHS & Private and a couple of hip scans, she still didn’t have any answers. The doctors couldn’t find anything wrong!   Ava was 2 years old by now and Jenny had started to notice when she ran her leg turned out a bit and the creases on the back of one leg were more pronounced than on the other one – she just couldn’t figure out why.

That was until we got her on my force plate and mapped her biomechanics……….

At the tender age of 2 years old, Ava had more weight in the backs of her heels and more on the right. Her pelvis was twisting to the right and duck bummed – (anterior tilted).  This was causing the timing of her left leg to be a bit wonky and hyperextended.

Jenny was absolutely right to trust her gut! It wasn’t causing Ava pain at this point in time but in the future this unbalanced pattern of wear on the body would lead to increased uneven load on muscles, ligaments and joints.  Now could this cause ‘growing pains’ or hip, knee or ankle problems? Would she be prime for orthopedics in her shoes? Yes quite possibly all the above in my view.

This is a perfect example of looking at the whole body not just the site of pain is essential.  Scans showed nothing wrong with the hips but look at the whole body and Ava’s subtle compensations made absolute sense.

If you have a gut instinct that just won’t go away, stick in there! Things are much easier to tweak when young rather than waiting for a lifetime of compensations to lead to pain before getting to the root of the problem.

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Until next time … assess don’t guess!


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