When was the last time you took time to feel something? I mean really ‘feel it’. When you last laughed, cried or got angry? Or did you go through the motions of the feeling? How about last time you went to the gym or for a run? Was that the last time you felt it, or did you go through the motions of ‘feeling it’ then?

It’s funny how much of our lives run on autopilot, going from one thing to the next, let’s face it, its often one drama to the next.   It seems to me life is always on autopilot, never really ‘feeling’ why it happened or was it the right response, autopilot just takes over. For the last few years I’ve become a huge fan of ‘feel it’. I get you guys as clients or show listeners or blog readers to ‘feel’ into the body as we do an exercise or look at body positioning.

As you know, or may have guessed, I’m quite unconventional. I won’t give you a number of reps to do for homework. Instead I get you to feel the exercise. Quality over quantity after all is the name of the game. Have you ever been given some homework from the physio etc and done exactly what you think you were told to but never felt a difference with the initial problem? You’ve held up your part of the deal, or so you thought, you’ve done your 30 reps 3 x a day and still no change.

“Perhaps these things just take time?”,  you might have thought. Or were you just going through the motions on autopilot? When you ‘feel’ in to the exercise you feel what each joint is up to, you begin to pick up where your body might be cheating you.   It’s this that makes the difference in the how well the exercise works. When you do it this way you may find you only need to do 5-10 reps to gain the desired result. After all your body might feel great one day – so you can do some more and not so the next. Without the ability to ‘feel’ you run the chance of doing your homework but causing more harm and compensations than good.

Now if we throw in our age old friend ‘the comfort zone’ to the ‘feel it zone’, you begin to fly with the results you get from your homework. It’s at this point the magic happens and you get changes in your body.

Next time you think nothing has happened, be it in health, work or love, reassess what you are up to.   Are you ‘feeling and nudging’, ‘feeling and nudging’? Or are you chugging along going through the motions?

Ultimately the choice is yours but awareness is priceless……

Until next time

Ellie x

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