What to expect from your first visit


By the time you have got to your first visit you will probably have checked out my website and facebook page, emailed me with initial information about your problem and certainly have spoken to me on the phone. Either by old-school handset or seen each other via skype. You will have filled out a really detailed injury history form; if you are a listener to my radio show www.elle-williams.podomatic.com you will know that pain is very often a poor indicator of where the root of the problem is, this gives me time to prepare before the day of the first visit. Before the first visit, whilst I am preparing the case history about you, you will have worked through a five minute series of slides online introducing you to how pain science is being viewed these days. After all, education is key to reducing the fear around pain, putting you back in the driving seat.


So here goes, what to expect from your first visit, it probably won’t have been like any other specialist you will have seen before.  First of we will go through any questions I have about your consultation form. Places injured that might be unclear. Scars or brakes you might have missed off. Even how you were delivered: natural, forceps or C section. I find by taking a really good history we can start to plan the compensations the body might have started putting into play before you started experiencing the pain of today. Pain is like a tip of an iceberg. In a boat the iceberg looks huge but if you were to put your diving pack on and go under the water you would see the iceberg is twenty times as big. This is often why pain in the past might have disappeared in the short term but come back or changed to a different place in your body. The root cause wasn’t found. The way I work is all about getting to the root cause so you don’t need to be seeing me for ever more.

Next we move onto the body mapping. What the heck is body mapping I hear you say! Body mapping is where I will have you stand on a piece of paper, draw round your feet (see blog 3 for answers as to WHY) and start working out what all the joints in your body are up to. To work out what the joints are up to position wise I will get you moving within your comfort zone – we NEVER want you going into pain (see blog 4 for answers WHY). I will also touch you to find out the position of certain bony landmarks on your body and feel what the tone of your muscles is like. This first visit is a real fact finder. It gives me a great opportunity to find out what the joints and muscles are doing in your body.

Next on to the walk of fame. I will video you walking, so straight away I can get an idea of what parts of your body are working too much and what aren’t working enough. Pain can come about due to an over or under worked area of your body. Further analysis of you gait (technical term for walk) will be carried out outside the session. We then move onto some muscle testing to see how the messages from your brain are working to different groups of muscles. Lastly followed by a breathing assessment.

At this point, I will, from the information gathered put myself into your biomechanical (technical term for bony set up) shoes. From this, I can feel the things that you will be feeling. This gives me a heads up on how we will unravel your body. Within the first session, we will start working on unravelling the compensations of your body through bespoke movement patterns. You will be going away with homework that you will have videoed.

My aim is to have you walking out of that door feeling more in control of your pain – back in the driving seat. You will have a better understanding of WHY the pain might have happened, WHERE it might have come from and HOW to move beyond it. All this magic happens in an hour and a half.

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